Private lessons with Kristen Genchur, LMT.

Too much or not enough pressure?  Too much elbow? Too much lotion?

These classes are designed to equip you with the basic skills to treat your loved one to a great massage.  We will also answer your questions and show you techniques specific to your needs.

60 Minute Class- $120

This class is for 1 student and 1 recipient.  This time can be used to focus on a specific area of the body (neck, shoulders, feet, etc.) or a full body massage.


90 Minute Class- $175

This class allows for each individual to have a shorter (45 min) customized session (full body or area specific).  You will take turns giving and receiving massage while Kristen leads you in various techniques.


All Pricing Includes

-A 2 oz. jar of Sacred Earth Massage Cream & your choice of aromatherapy